Samantha Chambers asked me to contribute to her book Ditch the Ladder: Escape the Corporate Trap. Samantha is a business coach, mentor and author. She helps people focus on their path to future success, wealth and happiness through running their own business.

She drew from her own business experience and solicited input from other business people to include in her book that was released in March 2016. I was honoured when Samantha asked me to contribute to her book and to speak at a small business seminar about my journey in business. Here is the crux of my message for success.

When running your own business there are many challenges and perhaps the most important one is to stay focused on the end result. Staying true to this will see you thought the many highs and lows of being a business owner.

Multitasking is something we are all familiar with, in particular women who have to juggle their own needs along with the needs their business, family and household. However, when you run your own business multitasking is taken to a new level.

While I was setting up my new business and formulating a natural skincare line, I was also coordinating a major renovation, running a busy growing household and trying to look after myself. Each day started with a morning routine of making sure everyone (including myself) had a good breakfast, preparing school lunches, dropping the kids at school, maintaining the house hold (general maintenance and managing the reno) and practicing self-care by exercising daily (essential for business and life success).

“Remember to stay focused and do whatever works for you.”

Some days business concerns will take precedence over family commitments and you will become adept at shuffling tasks and responsibilities. However, you need to stay focused on the outcome you hope to achieve. The order in which you get all of our tasks done is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is that you get most if done… you can’t always cross everything off your list.

To get ahead in business and still maintain a balanced family life you need to become anableptic.

anableps [an-uh-bleps] = four-eyed fish

Anableps anableps: a small, surface swimming fish that has each eye divided, with the upper half adapted for seeing in air and the lower half for seeing in water.

I guess the human equivalent is a teacher or a mother who has eyes in the back of her head. When you’re running your own business, you have to master the ability to work on the detail of your business each and every day, while staying focused on where you are heading, planning your next steps.

It’s the ability to focus on your current tasks while looking forward that can make the difference between success or failure. Hence the reference to Anableps; two eyes focusing on what needs to be done right now and two eyes focusing on the path forward.

I apply this philosophy to everything I undertake, be it business, personal, professional, fitness, relationships and even parenting goals.

Every day just before I close my eyes I run a quick mental review of everything I’ve managed to complete that day.

What did I do?
How well did it work?
Could I do it differently?
Did I achieve the outcome I needed?

I take a moment to reflect on my answers and this will invariably inform what I have to do the next day. We can learn so much from others, but if we take the time to check in with ourselves, we can teach ourselves a lesson or two each day.

One of my best examples of this was the day I began having marketing discussions about my business while I was still having discussions with potential manufacturers. I could have stayed in the “discussion mode” for a while but after my nightly reviews I made the decision and within 48 hours I had engaged a manufacturer.

The process of checking in with yourself can solidify your next steps rather than waiting for someone else to make things happen.

Stay focused on whatever your goal is – fitness, school, uni, relationships or a business – and be anableptic. By practicing your anableptic skills you can stay in the “now” while still looking forward enabling you to get more done, faster.

Good luck with your next big project.